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Welcome to Create Club
​The writing community for those who adore writing.

Because accountability, strength in community, idea sharing & creative sessions are everything when it comes to our written work. 

This is a monthly membership space that includes:

- Weekly 90-minute writing sessions that begin with a meditation, sharing about our work and ideas, followed by a writing session where we dive into our own writing. 
- A community chat space where we can connect, share and meet other writers.
- Pop-up events each month that will be announced. Think creative workshops, editing circles, book reviews, in-person writing retreats.

CREATE club 2.png

Join for $22/month and pause or cancel anytime. We just ask for a two-month commitment. 

See you there!

- Christy 

Ready to write in community? 
​Writing done together is writing done well. But, importantly, it's writing that's fun, on-track, and something we look forward to. 

Come, join us. 

Thursdays 6:30 EST

(more times coming soon!)

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