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Move ~ Write ~ Connect CREATE

The Monthly Membership community designed to give you all the tools I use to write, create + be my very best. 

Want to feel this way, too??


  • You can try it out and hit pause or cancel at anytime

  • You'll receive a monthly calendar via email on the 1st of each month, outlining all of the events taking place

  • Each event is created to foster your own creative growth, in a sacred virtual community space, using all the tools I do to create a life I absolutely love

  • It's a mix of writing, movement and the perfect amount of woo, for all levels

What's Included:

~ MOVE ~​

  • 1x Yoga class incorporating the yin energy

  • Weekly Run Club incorporating the yang energy

~ WRITE ~​

  • 2x Co-writing sessions per week

  • 1x Writing workshop per month


  • Community togetherness

CREATE a life that feels aligned.

A life that you absolutely adore.

Practices to keep you accountable, on-track + feeling your best.

Because big things come from a space of creative community. 

Sign-up today for the founding price of $42 a month. You'll be locked in at this price, even as prices increase or if you wish to pause. You can cancel at any time. 


Includes 1x call per month (to talk writing or business mentorship) at the founding price of $88 a month, with same guidelines applying. 

Are you ready to connect your mind + body to CREATE your best work and your best self yet?

Now is the perfect time to join us!

      Christy xo

*All members of my Book Sequence Mentorship program receive FREE access to CREATE CLUB