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Start writing your book from a place of clarity + excitement


If writing and publishing a book is something you know you are meant to do, I'm here to support you in bringing this dream to life. 

A successful bestseller begins with a solid foundation. Whatever your genre may be, an excellent storyline will propel your book to automatic page-turner status. 

Join me in learning the proven methods + framework that helped me successfully publish my two novels. This tailored, self-paced course includes 13 video modules, each highlighting the most important steps in starting the book writing process - the very steps that brought my own book writing success and this valuable resource is about to be all yours! Ready to reach every one of your big book goals?! This is your starting point, your pathway there. 

What Past Clients are Saying....

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I knew for a long time that there was a book I wanted to write and publish, but life kept getting in the way. I am so grateful I connected with Christy and her studio! Her book coaching program was exactly what I needed. We built out my storyline and she supported me through the whole writing process. I was able to write my novel on a much quicker timeline and it was so nice to have her coaching expertise anytime the words weren't flowing. 
I am so proud of this book. Christy truly inspired me to be the best writer I could be and if you're also considering writing a book, my advice is to do it!! Don't wait! Christy has exactly what you need and I could not recommend her offers more!

- Kaitlyn Evans, Author of The Blind Switch


"Having a story to tell, I needed a coach with the knowledge and experience to transform my manuscript into a book fit for publishing. Christy had my back through the entire process, providing guidance and support for coaching, manuscript editing, proofreading, cover design, interior design and publishing. 
I was not left out in the cold after any of the steps. Christy was available and forthcoming with suggestions for the next steps. 
Christy simplified the entire publishing process and my book is now available for purchase! It was a pleasure working with Christy and her studio and I look forward to working with her on my next book. I happily recommend her services!" 

- Carl Mohan, Author of About Meditation


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