Two-time fiction author. Copywriter for soul-inspired entrepreneurs. Writing coach. I help women who've always wanted to write + publish a book, do just that. 

Do you want to know what it feels like to hold your published book in your hands?

Let's work together. I'll show you. I'll get you there without any of the stress. 


Because it feels so so good.

To write with aligned support, to never feel the overwhelm, to tell your story the way you've always wanted to. To see your name printed across that pretty cover. 

You can be a published author before next year. Amazing, right? And definitely possible.


In Need of Copywriting Services? 

I create custom blog articles, social media content calendars, website copy, and sales pages specific to your business, brand, and overall need.  

What others are saying...

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You MUST work with Christy Howitt for all of your upcoming writing projects! It doesn't take much for her to master your brand’s voice and she’s able to fully embody your writing style, while enhancing the content to make it more captivating for your audience. Her timelines are super reasonable and she keeps the deadlines that she sets for herself. I didn’t need to make any revisions to her work, it was perfect when she delivered it! 

She is super friendly and polite and was a total pleasure to work with. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to strengthen your content! Give her a chance and be prepared to be blown away by her talent! 

- Liza R, The NYC Brunch Squad

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Such a great experience working with Christy. I so appreciated how fast she got the work back to me and how on-brand her writing was, which is so key for my business! I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!

- Stephanie Jane, The Aligned & Abundant Entrepreneur

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Christy has been a joy to work with. She provides a comfortable environment and conversation where as a client you feel truly heard and understood. Christy really tailors her services to the individual and your business' specific needs so that you feel you are getting the most out of your experience. She crafts powerful words in a way that is both relatable and that spark customer engagement. I highly recommend working with Christy! She will add great value to your business! 

- Nicole Gagnon, Rare Olive

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I worked with Christy to develop written content for my business, including bios for my social media platforms. I am so impressed with the work she did and the way she represented my business and brand perfectly! She wrote in a way that was encouraging and she understood the tone needed to attract my ideal client. Her writing has worked to help clients choose my team to work with for their artistic projects! 

- Nicole Silva, Art by Coley Silva 

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It can be tricky to think of social media copy, especially when posting the same products over and over again. Christy was able to write some clever and witty copy that was perfectly on brand for my business. She even included hashtags to use for each post.

- Jessica Thomson, GoodSide Creative

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Join us Tuesday, June 22 at 7p.m. for the Summer Flow Virtual Workshop!
We'll start with a gentle yoga flow followed by creative writing, integrating physical grounding movement in with imagination & word flow.