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The 1:1 Coaching Program to Guide You Through the Entire Book-Writing Process

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A published book is something you've always known you would create one day. You're feeling ready to make this an exciting reality!

You have a passion for writing. You don't need to be an expert at it (we're here to help!), but you should enjoy the process on putting words down on the page.

You are a creative who loves storytelling, a business ready to share their expertise in written form, or an individual with an impactful story to tell.

You have BIG ideas and are looking for support, guidance and expertise from a published author to turn them into your own page-turning book!

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Led by two-time published author, Christy Howitt, you'll receive six months of coaching calls where you'll learn the proven strategy, writing and planning process, creative energy work and high-level techniques to create an engaging written book.

You'll have the opportunity to select the genre and writing style of your choice, learning ways to convey your writing powerfully. 

You'll receive editing support, messaging access, feedback and expert guidance from an author who has been exactly where you are. 

Once your book is written, you'll be guided through the publishing options that best suit your work and your goals. 

 Your published book can be closer than ever.


If all of the above is speaking to your heart and you are absolutely SO excited about bringing your story into the world, this is exactly the expansive support for you! Now is a perfect time to set yourself up for success in all of your book-writing goals.

Applications are open for this 1:1 container. Please leave your info below and we'll be in touch!

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Christy is the Founder of Calla Creative Studio and two-time author of her young adult fiction novels, Heartsand and Sunwild. She has worked with a large variety of copywriting clients as well as successfully coached her clients to complete their written books, helping them receive notable book deals and publishing success. 

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Now is the very right time to receive expert book-writing support. 

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