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Copywriting Services 


Your brand + your expertise are determined through your writing. Present your business in the best light with compelling, powerful written copy. 


With all copywriting services, upon purchase, please submit any notes or comments about the item in the check-out box. You will receive a confirmation email, once the purchase has been completed, outlining date of return.

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Blog Article

This is a blog post article of 200-600 words on the topic of your choice. Please submit any notes or comments about the piece in the check-out box upon purchase. 


Social Media Content Calendar 


This is a collection of 20 social media posts. Please specify the platform they are for, your social handle on this platform, and any additional comments about the posts in the check-out box upon purchase.


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Website Copy

This is the writing, editing and reworking of your website. This includes your main home page, your about page, your general service page and your contact page. Specialty sales pages are not included. Please add any additional comments about your website and brand/brand voice in the check-out box upon purchase.


Sales Page

This is the sales page for a specific product or service launch. Please describe the launch and your target audience in the notes box upon check-out. Any additional information can be discussed in further detail upon purchase.


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