We are all leads in our own stories. 

Here's mine. 

I'm not sure where I came up with the idea, but it was always there throughout my childhood. I was going to write a book, I was going to write a novel, I was going to tell a story that came straight from my heartspace. 

And so, I did. 

I created, Heartsand. 

I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I had writing to share. It was the hardest most challenging thing I've ever accomplished. But I did it. I revelled in it. 

And then I got caught up. 

I'm an artist, by nature. Painting, creating, storytelling, it's what lights up the world around me. But somewhere along the way I listened to a world that told me that practical, predictable and safe were the ingredients for success. Do what everyone else is doing. So I did.  I worked hard. I earned a position that looked excellent on paper.

But I couldn't figure out why nothing felt right.

It was because I was going along, following a path that someone else created for me. I was listening to all this noise and not to my own intuition, my own inner voice that was becoming louder and louder, trying to get my attention. 


I was meant for so much more than what I was allowing for myself.  

I remember the moment I finally started to listen for real. The moment I took a step back, from all things I thought would bring me success and looked inward. I had this great well of wisdom available to me and I was finally ready to tap into it. 


I knew I had to take the biggest leap, the biggest risk I've ever taken. It was terrifying but it also felt right. So I trusted that and leapt. 

I had to keep writing books, creating art. I knew that much. 

But I was being shown more, so much more. I needed to dream bigger because there were bigger things calling me. I knew, deep down, I could help others take the same leap I did. I could be their guide when it came to creating their own businesses, tapping into their intuitive nudges all while living their passion and being so damn successful at it. I could use my words to develop inspiring content that is always much-needed in the world of entrepreneurship. 

This was the direction I was being shown and so I ventured toward it. I am a wild creative myself and so I truly understand the full picture of the soul-inspired creatives I now work with.


My world has now returned to colour. 


No matter where you are in your story, it's never too late to tap into and unlock the well of wisdom within you. You are your own best guide and I would love to work with you, write for you and chat about all the big things ahead of you. If you're ready to deep-dive, I'm always here. Let's do this!



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