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We are all leads in our own stories. 

Here's mine. 

I can't recall the moment I came up with the idea, but it was always there throughout my childhood and then young adulthood. I was going to write a book, I was going to write a novel, I was going to tell a story that came straight from my heart-space. 

And so, I did. 

I created, Heartsand. And then I created, Sunwild, its sequel.

Both published and living on many a book shelf. 

But the journey there was definitely not that simple. It was filled with long days, that turned into years, trying to figure it all out, attempting to write the biggest word doc of my life and somehow turn it into a published hit! I made it through, I published my first two books to great acclaim. But I couldn't leave it there. 

I will publish more books, yes. But, along with that, I strive to help other women with the process, to save them the stress and overwhelm that I endured, helping them achieve success and fulfilment through their own written books. 

If you've felt this same nudge to tell your story, to publish it in print, now is the time, lovely! I can help get you there. It'll be one of the best things you'll ever do. Trust me.