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Welcome to the writing community you've always wanted to be a part of

I'm Christy, the two-time author of fiction novels, Heartsand & Sunwild, and the Founder of Calla Creative Studio & Calla Magazine.

Throughout the early days of my writing journey, I craved community. Anytime I connected with another writer, a knowingness swelled within me. Yes, they get it too. Anytime I joined a sprint, writing workshop or meetup, my creativity would grow tenfold.

I knew if I was feeling this way, others were too. So I created the space for all of us to write together, to feel supported together, to acknowledge the highs and lows of being a creative, to tell the stories we've always wanted to tell, together. 


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Writing Support 

You'll receive anytime support from myself and other writers in our chat forum and direct messaging area. Ask your questions, post your wins, stay accountable, receive needed inspo, and share about your work and where others can read it!

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We all know there's more to writing than putting pen to paper. With our variety of meditations and visualizations, we lean into the energetics of writing to help you feel your most inspired.

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Work through an array of writing-related courses at your own pace, on your own timeframe. A few of these include: Beginning Your Novel, Creating a Writing Ritual and  How to Elevate Your Writing.

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Live Co-writing Calls + Q&A Calls

We will meet virtually every other week for co-writing calls to write together in community and once a month in our Q&A calls where I'll offer my expertise on your burning questions. These are both great ways to keep the momentum flowing!

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Community of Writers

Connect with and get to know our community of writers. Learn about their genre, projects they're working on, and what keeps them inspired. We're a collection of writers from all genres, styles, experience levels and walks of life!

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Guest Speakers

We will have a series of guest speakers pop in to share their stories and preferred genre of writing, providing wisdom that can help guide you in your own journey. 

 This is the place for the most in-depth writing support, including discounts on all of my other Calla Creative Studio offers. 

Investment: $57 USD/ month

See you on the inside where our best writing happens.




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