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The Complete Pathway to Guide You Through the Entire Book Writing & Publishing Process


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Led by two-time published author, Christy Howitt, you'll be guided down a seamless pathway, directly to that desired end goal - your dream book. The book that is not only published, but arriving in the hands of your ideal readers. We meet you directly where you're at, from STARTING, to WRITING, to DESIGNING, to PUBLISHING to MARKETING. For all genres, all book styles, all unique forms of storytelling. 



Starting can be the hardest part sometimes. We've got you covered with a free Book Chat call to chat about your idea and see how it can live outside of you in book form. It's the first, initial conversation to uncover the potential of your story and get the inspiration flowing.

When you're ready to get your idea off the ground, a Start Your Story Session will bridge and connect your book idea with a clear plan. In this hour session, we will begin constructing a tangible foundation. We will strategize, plan and map out the start of your storyline, so you leave with next steps and an excitement to keep creating your written world. 


Writing a document as large as a paperback book can feel daunting. But it truly doesn't need to. In Write Your Story, you are welcomed into 6 months of the most aligned, supportive, inspired, one-on-one writing mentorship you've received yet. We focus on writing structure (sentence flow, literary devices, grammar etc.) as well as writing energetics (beating writer's block, staying motivated etc.), with bi-weekly calls and messaging support. We strategize, plan out and create the most riveting story arc (for all genres) so that when you sit down to write, it all flows beautifully. You receive one full editing run-through of your completed manuscript, with your choice of a line or story edit. You'll leave this container with a book manuscript ready to live out in the world.



We don't judge a book by its cover - but with covers so captivating, it's truly hard not to! Once we've chatted about all the publishing options available - and the ones that fit your book goals specifically - we have design options at the ready for you. If you're opting for the author control publishing route, we have outstanding book cover designers and book format/layout designers ready to help your hard work and storytelling power stand out in the best way. 


The world of publishing is an ever-evolving space, one that we've immersed ourselves in, doing all the research for you. In the 12 weeks of Publish Your Book, you'll learn all about the book publishing world and all the options available to you. We will dive into your completed book, your target readers, the current market and your goals, creating a publishing plan that fits you best. From traditional publishing to hybrid to author control, we will get your book out into the world in a way you feel confident about. 



Publishing your book is an amazing accomplishment! But it doesn't stop there. In the 12 weeks of Market Your Book, we'll work together to create a marketing plan that gets your book in the hands of all your ideal readers - and then some. We will use proven strategies to get your book noticed and talked about so that you grow your fan-base, your credibility, and your reputation as a sought-after storyteller and author. 


This is the formula + framework that worked to bring Christy Howitt's published novels, Heartsand & Sunwild to life and on bookshelves worldwide. It can bring your book to life too. 

Past clients have written + published / in the process of publishing: 

- Memoir

- Non-fiction / Self-help

- Fantasy Fiction

- Mystery / True Crime Fiction

- Children's Book

- General Fiction

- Business / How-to 

- Young Adult Fiction

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Christy is the Founder of Calla Creative Studio, two-time author of her young adult fiction novels, Heartsand and Sunwild and your lead guide in this ONE-STOP-SHOP to book writing and publishing. She has worked with a large variety of copywriting clients, been featured in notable magazines, as well as successfully coached her clients to book publishing success. This is the formula that has worked for her and her clients. It can absolutely work for you too. 

This One-Stop-Shop book writing and publishing framework is a tiered sequence to make it more accessible than ever to bring your book goals to life. You have options ranging from a free starter call, to one-hour sessions, to 12 week programs and a 6 month container, to meet you every step of the way. You can also start at any point of the journey, in any offer, depending on what support you require most.

Please leave your info as well as a little note about your book idea below and we will send you our full price list and next steps we recommend for you. 

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This kind of support is a goldmine for aspiring authors. It's exactly what you need to kickstart and follow through on all your book writing goals. I'm so glad you're here!

Welcome to the community, 

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