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 Welcome to
Embody Your Story 
The 8 week, in-depth experience to reignite your creativity & integrate powerful inner healing through yoga, chakra work, writing & art.

 We all have a story that makes up who we are. It lives in our thoughts but also in our bodies.

Let's face it - it's been a messy past year and many of us have felt disconnected from our inner light, dull, misaligned and blocked from our creative flow.

That may have been your story from last year. But that's about to shift.


It's time to SHINE again. 

Join Christy Howitt & Rosemarie Williams of TanessaRose for an 8 week group program, starting June 7th, filled with weekly yoga sessions, meditation, chakra healing, workbooks, intuitive painting & creative writing, for all levels. 

It's the movement, community & inner creative spark you've been craving, all in one empowering space. Because who couldn't use a little goddess-inspired, spiritually-infused, lavish self-care? I know right. Same.



is a two-time fiction author, intuitive, trained yogi, writing coach & Founder of the art boutique, Ivy Cove.

is a trained yoga instructor, certified aromatherapist & Founder of TanessaRose, a wellness business specializing in aromatherapy, yoga, and customized health and beauty products and consults.    




  • Embody Your Story is an 8 week group program for soul-inspired women. We meet over Zoom, every Monday evening from 7:00 - 9:00p.m. EST, starting June 7th and running until July 27th.

  • Each week will be themed around one of the chakras and will focus on clearing, healing and reigniting that specific one, both physically and emotionally.

  • We begin each gathering with a yoga class that is geared towards all levels, followed by insight into the chakra theme of the week.

  • We will then move into the creative activity planned for the evening, aimed at healing and realigning anything out of balance for you as well as reigniting your passion for creating. The activity is geared towards all levels.

  • You will be invited into a private group Voxer messaging chat room to connect, share & support the other members throughout this 8 week container.

  • You will receive a customized package prior to starting with essentials for the course, including: a crystal intuitively selected for you, two custom-made essential oil blends, a custom-made soap, weekly course workbooks and selected art supplies.

  • You will also receive 4x 1:1 calls to further your journey into realignment. 2x with Rosemarie & 2x with Christy which can be booked throughout the span of the 8 weeks.



You've been craving community & connection with other soul-inspired ladies

You are looking to learn more about the chakras & clear any that may be blocked & impacting the flow of your life

It's been a hard past year & you're looking to feel vibrant & refreshed as you plan for the future

You want to feel more integrated & connected, fuelling your mind, body & soul though yoga

You've been in a creative slump and want to recharge your battery & uncover your powerful imaginative side

You are SO READY to give yourself the self-love & inner healing you deserve! You want to feel so good and we get it. It's the reason we created this program. Every module has been thoughtfully crafted with you in mind!


WEEK ONE: The ROOT Chakra - Yoga Practice for Groundedness, Inner Strength, Excitement, Courage
Creative Activity: Goddess Totem Creation & Cacao Ceremony
WEEK TWO: The SACRAL Chakra - Yoga Practice for Creativity, Sexuality, Sense of Fun & Play
Creative Activity: Intuitive Painting 
WEEK THREE: The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra - Yoga Practice for Owning Your Truth, Stepping into Your Power, Claiming Your Story, Igniting Your Passion
Creative Activity: Oracle Card Readings
WEEK FOUR: The HEART Chakra - Yoga Practice for Self-Love, Heart-Healing, Compassion, Abundance Flow
Creative Activity: Aura Art

WEEK FIVE: The THROAT Chakra - Yoga Practice for Speaking Your Truth, Communication, Uncovering Your Voice & Message for the World
Creative Activity: Creative Writing 
WEEK SIX: The THIRD EYE Chakra - Yoga Practice for Clarity, Honing Intuition, Creating a Vision for Yourself
Creative Activity: Guided Journey Meditation
WEEK SEVEN: The CROWN Chakra - Yoga Practice for Insight, Guidance, Claiming Your Divine Potential, Connecting to Source Energy
Creative Activity: Channeled Writing & Journaling Practice 
WEEK EIGHT: Integration week of all Chakras - Yoga Practice for Integration, Mind & Body Connection, Alignment & Vibrancy
Creative Activity: Storytelling & Inner Circle Celebration 



"I cannot get over how incredible TanessaRose is. They are my go-to when I need a gift for a loved-one or when I just need to treat myself. Their essential oil blends, soaps, and other custom-made products always feel amazing on my skin and the scents are divine! I not only see the glow on my skin, I feel it within me as well. Not only do they create the most gorgeous, high-quality healing products, their wealth of knowledge regarding all things wellness, aromatherapy, skincare, meditation and yoga is out of this world!"

- Annmarie H. 

"Christy's writing workshops and coaching really inspired me to think outside of the box when it comes to writing and drawing inspiration from various sources. She's encouraging and crafty and makes writing enjoyable! She guides you to see that you do have an important story to tell. Christy helps you discover your potential and recognize that your story is worth telling, in whatever format you choose to write it. So excited to continue working with her!"

- Kristen F.  



$1800 Value - But This Round We're Offering Reduced Beta Pricing of:
$695 CAD

Are you ready to join us? It's going to be an experience like no other. It's exactly the thing you need right now to create the best version of yourself, as you step into embodying her. 


It's going to be oh-so-powerful. 

Let's dive in!

Christy & TanessaRose


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