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All You Need Is Love and a Cupcake (or two)

It’s December and for a lot of people that means a lot of things. The rush of the holiday season, excitement, stress, joy; the ending of the year. For me, it’s all of those things to some degree but also more. December has been a reminder to be present because I know I haven’t been. Not fully, anyway. I’ve let the busyness sweep me away. I love being busy. But half the time I know I’m just distracting myself from listening to the large things, to what my heart is really saying. So I decided it’s time to shift from my headspace to my heartspace, something that is not always easy to do.

It’s not easy in a world that is so chaotic and unpredictable but when you do, when you think with your heart and not your head, life opens up in unexpected ways. Life suddenly becomes about joy and love and all things that actually matter. Work will always be there.

Responsibilities are not going anywhere. But when you look beyond these things and really choose to be present in the moments of your life, you’ll experience it all in a whole new light.

Be present, feel the love. Indulge in all the good things. You deserve the best, always!





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