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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

When it comes to promoting your published book, social media can be your best friend - and a very important and useful asset at your disposal! I'm going to show you exactly how to use your social media platforms to help spread the news of your book, attracting in continuous new readers. Yes, please! Right?

First off, congrats on writing a book! It's never an easy feat, but one that is oh-so-rewarding. Maybe you're in the midst of self-publishing through KDP or a local publisher. If you're deciding the best publishing route to take, to bring your book to life, checkout my previous post, here. Once you've decided on the best publishing method for you and your goals, and your book is published, ready for purchase, it's time to take a look at your social media. The first pieces to look at are your Instagram and your author website. If you don't have either - not to worry! It's time to start building both of these so your readers have a place to find you, engage with you, and learn more about you as an author.

Using Instagram to Promote Your Book

Create your account or turn an existing account into an author account. This means that everything you post will reflect the image you are portraying as an author. Everything else, things you wouldn't want your readers to see or know, can, perhaps, not be posted here.

Start building your following (which will become future readers and buyers) by engaging with accounts that interest you, uplift you AND are related to your genre, to books, reading or publishing. If your audience already has an interest in what you're doing, they are very likely to become long-term fans of your work. You can take a moment to consider who this audience may be as you seek out new accounts. Who is your target audience? Who is your ideal reader? Begin following and engaging with people who fit this description.

What Does it Mean to Engage?

Engaging with other account's content on Instagram looks like liking their posts, positively commenting on ones that you truly enjoy to show your support - basically showing up in this space as a genuine, thoughtful, nice human. If you do so, the account you're engaging with will likely return the favour and engage with your content on your page. The more you interact this way, the more you'll see your page begin to grow. And the good news is - all these new followers are positioned to become purchasers, supporters and fans of your book!

So What Do You Post About?

When it comes to posting on your Instagram page, remember to keep the topics related, in some way, to your book and your writing process. This is likely why a follower has followed you (they have an interest in your book), so it's key not to stray too far from this. You're speaking to the same reader who will read your book so keep the writing in your posts similar and just as interesting. You can talk about parts of your book, your characters, why you wrote it, sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the story etc., just make sure you are enticing them and drawing them in. If you do this, they will be hooked on everything you write. Remember to include visual images of your book so they can easily recognize what it looks like.

Your Author Website

Moving on to your author website - this is essential as it gives your readers a place to find you, learn about you, discover updates on books, as well as an in-depth feel of what you're all about. Your author website is also an excellent place for publishers to see what you're about, too. If you have a dream of landing an amazing book deal (who doesn't, really), then a website is an important piece of the equation. It doesn't have to be fancy and you don't need to hire a web designer, as long as it looks clean, organized and easy for the reader to learn all about you, your genre, your published books and any other relevant info. If you're really feeling overwhelmed by this, there are user-friendly website templates on Wix and Wordpress, as well as a lot of freelancers happy to help you out.

You're Building Your Fanbase

When it comes down to it, you're building your fanbase of readers, ones who will be eager and excited to buy your work, book after book. Social media has such a wide reach, so whatever platform you are on, building a following always works in your favour for spreading the word. In this day and age, publishers will actually look at your following, seeing these numbers as potential buyers. All this being said - don't let this stress you out and don't get caught up here. It's just another tool to use to get your book in the hands of as many people as possible.

Make it fun! Represent yourself in a fun, compelling, engaging way. Your web and social media presence is just another creative outlet for you to be your most expressive author self!

Be sure to follow me at @christyhowitt for more tips and advice on all things books and publishing, and to hear the latest on my Heartsand series!

All the best,

Christy xo

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