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The Power of Writing Together

I've always been drawn to writing. You probably have too? As a kid, I lived for creative writing class, getting lost in stories, everything that came with exploring ideas in written form. I just thought it was a solo sport. All those years, just me and my notebook, turned me and my laptop. And it is, for the most part. There is something to be enjoyed in slipping away to your writing spot, sipping your tea as you dive in where you left off. You know the feeling.

But, what I've come to realize is - the power of writing together. Everyone working on their own piece, but together, in community. Sharing our experiences, our new ideas, our struggle, our bursts of creativity. Slipping into our imaginations alongside others doing the same. There's an energy about it, a feeling, and the first time I joined a writing session like this, a couple years back, I knew I loved it. Connecting with others who were writers of every level and genre. It's the most interesting thing when you meet your kind of people.

I loved it so much, I started hosting my own writing sessions. Maybe you've attended one (or many!) and these grew into a collective community I called, Create Club. Now, on the other side like this, I see very clearly the value in this kind of creative space. I am merely holding out the invitation, offering the virtual space and any support and advice I can provide, to help your writing journey be as exciting, deeply meaningful, rewarding and productive as possible.

I have big visions (like always!) in creating large in-person writing retreats and I'm trusting the unfolding of that. So whether you have attended a session in Create Club or have been wondering just what it might be like to write together with others who are very much on your page (ha!), then the invitation is extended to you, too, always!

Come join us. Come try it out. Your best stories await.

Christy xo


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