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DIY Picture Frames – The Easy Way to Make Them!

So, I have been DIY-ing a lot this past little while and I thought I would share my latest creations with you! Have you ever perused through any home decor store (personally I loveee HomeSense) and found yourself face-to-face with something that would be perfect for your home but just a little over budget? For me, this is always picture frames. I love the distressed, rustic looking ones that are so popular right now. And I always want so many of them, that’s it’s hard to justify spending that much!

There I was in the picture frame aisle of HomeSense, inwardly debating with myself. Should I spend $30 on each of the five frames I want? Do I even need any of them?? But they will look so perfect with all those prints and photos I’ve been meaning to frame and put up on the walls…

And then I had an idea! I thought to myself, you could totally make these! And so, I went for it. And I’m soo glad I did. Here’s how you can make pretty frames too!

First off, I brainstormed ways to collect really inexpensive photo frames. With the weather finally nice, I went to a few garage sales and managed to pick up at least ten small frames for about fifty cents to a dollar each. It’s amazing how many people get rid of old frames! I also went to a few local thrift shops and picked up a few more. As long as the glass was intact and the backs closed properly, they were just what I wanted! I also made sure to pick up frames made of mostly wood for the best finished look.

Taking out the glass, I coated the frame with a layer of acrylic paint. I used whites, blues and pinks but you can paint them any colour you’re feeling or whatever matches your decor. Once dry, with a sheet of sandpaper, I sanded all the edges. You can sand the surface as much as you like, to show as much wood or paint as you wish. I recommend doing this part outside if you can, as it does get pretty dusty.

Then, I cleaned the glass, added a cute print or photo and voila! A trendy frame for less than a dollar. It really is that easy!

I would loveee to see the creations you come up with. Feel free to tag me on your Instagram with your awesome frame. Mine are also available. Message me for details!

Happy crafting.

Christy xo


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