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Heartsand, This Summer’s Beach Read!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

As many of you know, I’ve recently finished my very first novel, Heartsand. It’s teen fiction, about friendship and summertime and first loves. Everything you need to bring along to the beach this summer!

Stay tuned for the official release date! In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peak…

“This page turner really brought me back to the time when I craved the summer heat, the beach and relished in all its adventures of friendship, love and lust,” Tiffany Wilson, Writer/Editor, Port Elgin beach

Tori has spent every summer of her life in Port Drift, the Lake Huron beach town where her parents’ tiny cottage sits, inherited from her grandparents a generation before. Every summer there was always Marc, right across the street from her, in his grand white house. He was always her biggest competitor, her closest childhood friend.

But this summer they are sixteen and Tori sees the differences immediately. There are new attractions now, feelings you aren’t allowed to have when you are one friend of four. When there is Aidan and Sophia who have also grown up with Tori and Marc, who represent a childhood of traditions and unspoken rules. Can Tori really cross into the new world of thrilling first loves and still make it back to the safety of her childhood?

Join the four friends in Heartsand, the debut young adult novel by Christy Howitt, as they cross that invisible line between childhood and adolescence, as they come face to face with exciting new love, family secrets, heartbreak and betrayal, things that will make them question how strong their friendships really are and what exactly is worth protecting.

Check back soon for more!

Christy xo



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