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Just a Few of My Fav End-of-Summer Things Right Now

How is it fall already? I feel like, right now, I’m clinging to the last traces of summer with a death grip. Butttt, as soon as I’ve committed to the fact that fall is here to stay (for a few months, anyway), I really do enjoy it! Over-sized sweaters, tall boots, warm mugs and cool days, they are all things I love too!

While I’m happy to say I’ve spent my fair share of days at the beach this summer, here are some summery-fall things I’m loving just as much!

The Classic, End-of-Summer-Fall-Fair

There are so many of these going on right now and I love it. Fall Fairs are a perfect way to escape the city for a little while, breathe in some real air and ride a ferris wheel or two. While my brother likes to scare me with the ridiculous ages of some of these ferris wheels, that does not stop me! There is just nothing like that view of the sky with so much excitement dancing below you…

The Anticipation of Oktoberfest

As most people who know me know, this is one of my favourite occasions. I’m getting excited just writing about it! If you’re new to the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Oktoberfest is the annual Bavarian festival that completely takes over the whole town. Beginning on Thanksgiving (another favourite of mine) and ending a week later, there is just so much to do and experience. Including…donning that hat and dancing the chicken dance with your closest friends.

Ankle Boots

The nights are getting colder but they are still warm enough to don those open-toed ankle boots. Boots may possibly be one of my favourite things about Fall, but right now, it’s still nice enough to wear those summery ones with shorts and all those summer dresses I am dreading packing away to the back of my closet. Just throw a jean jacket over top and you are set!


I just discovered this app and it really has my attention! It’s a series of workouts that you can listen to for a number of different exercises (cycling, yoga, running etc.) all on your phone, no gym required. It’s like having your own personal trainer with you at any moment of the day, without the big bill! All you have to do is choose a workout and listen to the trainer the whole time. It’s extremely motivating. Anddd there’s a free 7-day trial if you just want to see what it’s all about.

Well, those are my fav things so far this season.

How have you guys been spending your end-of-summer? I would love to hear all about your favs too!

Christy xo

One last glimpse of summer on the lake…sigh

That atmosphere is everything.

Boots for days!

Workouts having never been so doable for me.


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