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New Year, Refreshed Goals

It's been a couple weeks since we all sang out 'Happy New Year!" and so far 2019 is zooming by. Toward the end of 2018, I spent a lot of time reflecting and looking back as I'm sure a lot of people did. It's what we do. We sum it all up, how we felt, what went down and then we tie it up with a nice bow, tuck it away on the shelf and countdown to the next year.

I decided, at the start of 2018, that it would be my Yes Year. And it was in so many ways. I was open to new experiences, new friends, new travel experiences, goals and general out-of-my-comfort-zone things. And it was THE best. So much fun, adventure and connection. But saying yes to everything I desired to bring into my life could be tiring at times. It was constant action, constant plans, many spontaneous outings and a feeling of always being on. I forgot the importance of balance. I forgot balance itself. I neglected some important projects I'd started a while back because I was saying yes to the outside world but not so much to myself and my own creative expression.

Last year had it's struggles for sure but I learned and grew SO much. It's so very important to be open to what you want, to be open to things you didn't realize you wanted or needed but have shown up on your path for you anyway. Saying yes only allows more good things to come your way! (But also important to note that saying NO to things you don't want in yo life is equally as essential.)

My friends have joked that 2019 is Running Year because of all the momentum I've gained with my training and because I've convinced a few of them to join me for races. They want to, I swear! Lol. But, for me, on a personal level, as I achieve balance, realign my yin and yang and get down to work on creative endeavours dear to my heart, I've decided this year is Year of Wonder. I want to see, learn, express and expand in all the best ways. My word (mantra) is Creative Expression. My goals for this year aren't new. They are just a refreshed version. Stay-tuned for all the amazing things I have planned! It's going to be a good one.





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