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Out With the Old, In With 2017

Happy New Year’s! By now we’ve all said, bye 2016. And, hello 2017, you gorgeous thing. I know I have. Even though this past year, for me, was a good one. Even though it was good, I am thrilled by the idea of a blank slate, a fresh start, a beginning. I don’t exactly believe in new year’s resolutions. I believe in reminding myself of goals I set throughout the year, in maybe tweaking them a bit to fit to where I am right now. I am obsessed with progress. I think our whole culture is. So I’m looking forward to pushing myself in the best possible ways. More running , more writing- and not just novel writing but others kinds like poetry and songwriting- and waayy more traveling. Nutrition has also become a major focus for me so I am looking forward to learning more paleo and vegan recipes. You know, just a lot of what I already do with the new pretty backdrop that is 2017. Stay tuned for what is to come.

Christy xo



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