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Playing with the Law of Attraction

The moment I learned about the Law of Attraction, it fascinated me. I loved the idea of it. What you put out into the world, you attract back. It's so interesting how you have the power to effect your own circumstances, even when it doesn't quite feel that way.

I learned about this concept a few years back and it stuck with me. I read all about it, I studied all the way to manifest great things into my life, intention setting, worksheets, meditation etc. And I watched as a lot of these things unfolded, in their own timing, in my life. The book, the job, the fun apartment, the boy.

But early summer came this year, and I forgot it all a little. The key is to vibe high, to remain positive and optimistic, to do things you love, that make you feel good. To be clear on the things you want in your life. You'll attract it all back. Yet, sometimes, life hits hard. Sometimes it's so difficult to be positive when nothing is going your way.

Then I heard something that really shifted my outlook. Life is about seasons. Flowers are not meant to bloom all year round. You're allowed to feel what you feel, to take time, to regroup. Hmmmm. It makes such sense.There is a time for growth and change and working on all the tough stuff. And there is a time for reaping all the gorgeous fun rewards.

I'm thinking of the Law of Attraction again and I've made a conscious effort lately to be grateful for single moments as they come. Instead of worrying about the damn future. When something amazing or even just lovely happens, I stop, I feel it and holy, it's made a difference.

And right now, happiness is the sunshine on my balcony. I am thankful, SO thankful, for that.

I plan to share a lot more in the coming weeks on this topic so stay-tuned! Because the universe is such a wonderful mysterious thing and I'm so ready to dive in.





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