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The Early Beginnings of Heartsand: My First Storyboard

So many people have asked me: how the heck do you actually begin a novel? Well, the first thing I will say is that you need a storyboard. If you plan it all out beforehand, what comes when, who does what, then the actual writing of it is a breeze. Ok, well, almost a breeze! I was going through some of my things the other day and found one of my very first storyboards for Heartsand from a few years ago. It’s crazy that it’s progressed from this messy collage, to an actual printed book!

It really made me laugh. It started out as notes on the characters and plot points but then I apparently just decided to cover that all up with cutouts from magazines. I’m a visual person, more than anything, and it really helped to see and visualize the characters I was creating. But I swear I didn’t actually base the character of Marc Highter off a Cosmo magazine model! The caption under that picture is actually hilarious hahaha.

Just thought I’d share a little glimpse into the very beginnings of Heartsand!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks from inside the book as well as details on the sequel, Lovefire, coming soon!

Christy xo



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