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Winter at the beach – Port Albert Style

For me, the beach in the summer is everything. The sun and the warmth, the water, the sports, the friends. What else could you ask for? Beach days, best days.

There’s no way winter in Ontario could live up to summer in Ontario.

But then I went exploring with friends this past weekend in the tiny Lake Huron village of Port Albert and realized winter is amazing in a different and totally unexpected way. It was the beach all right but not at all like I knew it.

We rented a little wood cabin cottage just off the water. The water had risen so high the days before we arrived that when it receded, it left behind the most interesting chunks of ice and sand riffs all along the shore. It was such a cool sight! We spent a good chunk of our time out here, trekkin’ and of course sun-tanning Canadian-style! ha ha. Later we bundled up and had a campfire under the stars, sipping our mulled wine and bourbon ciders, while my talented musician friends busted out their guitars and ukuleles. It was definitely a much-needed weekend I won’t forget for a long time!

I still love my summertime beach days but winter, you’re definitely growing on me!

Where has your winter adventuring taken you? I’d love to check-out everywhere you’ve been!

Stay warm, my loves,




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