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Winter is Here…And I’ve Been in Creative Project Overload :)

Winter is officially here (crazy, since it’s been here for weeks with all the snow we’ve had here in Waterloo!). It’s been a busy few months – is it just me or did these past few weeks just fly by in a chaotic rush?? How is Christmas this weekend already? Anyway, I’ve had a ton on the go lately and I’m excited to share a few of the creative projects I’ve been working on!

First off, I am so ecstatic to introduce my very own Etsy Shop, Willa Grass Decor. I have been meaning to showcase my interior design pieces and artwork for a while now. And thanks to Etsy, everything I have created is now available online for sale. I posted about my distressed photo frames a little while back so you can definitely check those out in WGD. Any last minute Christmas shoppers out there?…hint hint 📷

This year for me was all about pushing myself past my comfort zone and when the opportunity arose to challenge myself physically as well as socially, I decided to take the leap. I became a Beachbody Fitness and Wellness Coach and it’s been such a rewarding experience. I will definitely keep you posted as I continue on this new journey. I plan to make 2017 my fittest year yet.

And then, of course, there’s the sequel to my novel, Heartsand. I am working hard on the second book about Tori, Marc, Aidan and Sophia and all of their tangled up relationships. Lovefire is set to be released early next year and I have to say, it’s a bit different from its predecessor (in a very exciting way, if I do say so). The kids are older now, it’s a whole summer later and there’s a lot of new changes headed in their direction. But also some old lingering emotions that cannot be ignored. So anyway, stay tuned for that! And I must say, it’s been an experience writing a first draft again. But it’s all a process and it’s all coming together with a little patience and a lot of caffeine haha.

Well, the Christmas countdown is on. Don’t forget to breathe and make a little time to put your feet up with that glass of eggnog (do people actually drink eggnog?!)

From my family to yours,

Cheers! Christy xo



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