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Heartsand is Here! My Ventures into the World of Young Adult Fiction

I remember the moment I decided I was all in. The moment I decided I was going to write a teen fiction novel, I was going to leave it all on the table, so to speak, and tell the story I really wanted to tell. I also remember the moment, halfway through my messy manuscript, thinking, what the heck are you doing, girl?! What makes you think you can even do this? 

It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, writing this book, and I thought about throwing in the towel a few different times. Because it was just such a long process and life was always getting in the way. But then I always knew I could do this. And that I needed to. I just had to make the time.

It’s flawed. Oh my gosh, it’s flawed. As my friends and family know too well, obsessive editing held my work back for years! Perfectionism was my worst enemy. It was never ready, until one day I finally decided it was.

I’m excited to finally share Heartsand with you.

It’s a summer love story, about growing up with your best friends, at the cottage, on the water. Things I’ve been fortunate enough to experience. Some of my best days, actually.

Novel #1 is complete, but this feels like the beginning! This story is only getting started.

Christy xo

Now available on Amazon.

Or contact me for a copy!



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