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How to Survive New Year’s Eve

Let’s face it. No matter what anyone says, New Year’s Eve is an emotionally charged night. It’s hard not to be emotional when you’re faced with a year full of memories, the past, good or bad as it all may be. And 2016, it had its moments but it wasn’t exactly our finest hour.

But that doesn’t mean the last day of the year has to reflect anything that’s gone before it. No. It really doesn’t. New Year’s has so much expectation attached to it and I think that’s what makes it stressful for most people. It’s one of the biggest celebrations of the year, a celebration felt worldwide. (That’s pretty amazing when you think about it!) So the pressure’s definitely on. What will you be doing? What party will you attend? Who exactly will you kiss at midnight?!

Don’t worry! Breathe, girl because this night can be fun. Yes, I said it. Fun.

It’s important to reflect. Reflection is such a healthy aspect of life but tonight reflection can be a heavy thing. So, walk away from all the things that have been weighing you down and say goodbye to the past. It’s time to say, It’s been a slice but I’ll see ya when I see ya, to all those things that have been pressing on your brain. You can have a night off from worrying about the world and past relationships and career stresses for a night! Leave it all behind you because there’s so much good to come!

And once we’ve decided to reflect, let go, to move forward, to be free, it’s time to be present. It’s the very last day of the year so it’s time to make the very most of it. Tomorrow is the day for big plans, achieving goals and all that. December 31st is for living. Go dance at that outdoor show, at that glittery bar or in your own living room. Bust out the heels, the little black party dress and your fav magenta lipstick or just your worn old pair of yoga pants. But make sure you are doing exactly what you want to. Make sure you’re with at least one person you love when the clock ticks down and you will be perfectly alright.

Raising my champagne flute to you!

Cheers to all good things in 2017!

Christy xo



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