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My Fav Things to Help Beat Your Cold this Winter!

It’s oh, so cold out right now and while this is a perfect time to stay inside, huddled in your new festive over-sized reading socks, hanging out with the fam, it is also the time when sickness hits the hardest. Ugh. So I’ve compiled my top ways I stay healthy this time of year so you can too!

Maca root supplement

I discovered Maca root earlier this year and it honestly changed my life in so many ways. I recommend it to everyone! It’s a natural root that you can take in capsule form that is especially known for balancing hormones in the body (a GREAT thing for us girls!). While it is amazing at easing cramps and cancelling out mood swings, it is an incredible immune system booster and provides increased mental clarity when taken everyday. It makes you feel amazing!

This is another incredible product I discovered this year. I’d been taking mushroom-based immune system capsules for years but only recently found out that the Lingzhi mushroom is the most powerful at fighting ailments in the body. And the great thing is there are so many different ways to introduce it into your diet. There’s the Lingzhi-infused coffee, tea and a variety of different capsules.


Turmeric is my newest discovery and can also be taken in capsule form if you’re not a fan of the strong flavour or don’t want to eat it everyday. It’s another immune system booster that so many people swear by for keeping the body strong and sickness-free!


Magnesium is one thing that a lot of people don’t realize they are lacking! I have a spray that I use on my calves when I get muscle cramps but it can be used on any area of your body to keep your muscles and tissues feeling great. Perfect after a workout or if you’re feeling sick and achey.

Sleep and mindfulness

I know, sleep is something I have not been getting enough of lately. It’s just so hard sometimes! Especially this time of year. But getting enough sleep is one of the biggest parts of fighting off all the sickness going around. Mindfulness is also key. Taking a few moments to take a few deep breaths, to meditate even for a small period of time, helps reduce stress and keeps your mind level and clear.

Essential oils are so great for almost anything! There are so many different blends that can be used to ease everything from digestion issues, to colds, to skin irritation and stress. Check out my post on making your very own mists!

So that is my list! Everything here is natural and works amazingly for me but check with your doctor if you have concerns about any of these products. Most of these can be found at your local health-food store.

Stay healthy, my friends!


Christy <3


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