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Run for Fun?

Run for fun? To quote Back to the Future...Lol anyway! The countdown to my second ever half marathon is fast approaching and this time it's in Queenstown, New Zealand (insert sunshine emoji!). The cold is quickly moving in here in Canada and I really can't wait to start training again in the warmth. I'm a summer runner, that's for sure. It's been a busy year of training and planning and I wanted to share a little of my journey with you!

I ran my first half marathon this past September in St. Clements, Ontario. I ran it in 35 degree heat, on a very hilly course, with a broken hand and I finished. My time was crappy but I really didn't care. I faced all of my limits and then passed them on by. And that was really something for me.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I've always loved running. It was a stress-reducer, a way to clear my mind and always the best way I could think of to stay in shape for hockey. Because that was my real sport. Growing up, I traveled everywhere for hockey and loved it more than anything else.

But now that hockey is just a rec league activity for me, running has made it to the forefront. I joined a running group through @RunnersChoice in January of this year which taught me different training techniques and mainly gave me a group to stick with when running outside in the dark. Thank you, Canada in January lol I would definitely recommend joining a group even if you have never ran before! It was SO helpful in so many ways! My amazing coach helped me to set a goal and follow through, something that can be hard on your own, let's be real. After months of hitting the trails, the hills, the track and occasionally the treadmill (tbh there were some weeks of just needing rest thrown in the mix), I decided to try a race. The opportunity presented itself to combine running with my love for travel and so here I am, jetting off to the other side of the world!

Stay-tuned for training tips and tricks and steps to plan for your first half marathon. Because uh YES you can do it! I will definitely share more on THAT in the next little while. And OF COURSE keep an eye out for ALL the amazing pics from NZ and a brief visit in AUS!

much loveee



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