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Vance Joy and Spontaneous Flower Farms

This past weekend was all about getting back to the core of things. I'd forgotten, in the busyness of spring, what you can actually see and feel when you slow down and pause. When you're present in your life for a few moments. Which I don't think has to mean stopping your life all together. It's just taking a second to listen, take it in, to absorb it, to reevaluate the place you're at. For me, this weekend was busy but in an entirely different way. I sat on the grass and listened to Vance Joy perform in Toronto. Out of all of this year's concerts, this was the one I was looking forward to THE most. And it didn't disappoint. Vance was ah-mazing. Dancing around, belting out his lyrics made me forget so many silly worries I'd let build up. Summer has started and listening to my fav artist has def brought me back to some of the reasons I create (my own kind of) art in the first place. Even the rain that began to pour down couldn't dampen (haha) the feeling. It was actually kind of nice feeling the rain for once!

The rest of the weekend was spent up in North Frontenac on the lake - all things cottage livin, with so many great friends, the start to the best season of the year. Sunday's drive home came waaay too soon but stumbling upon an adorable little flower farm in Trenton, Ontario made it SO much better. Honestly, if you're in the area, you have to check out the Dahlia May Flower Farm!

This weekend felt like a lot of little things but I loved it.

Peonies always make everything better.




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